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Multiphase Flow Monitor

The MPFM is the only clamp-on and completely nonintrusive well monitor in the market at present. This unique design offers the following significant process advantages over traditional intrusive MPFM: 
•There is no pressure drop across the meter enabling production rates to be maintained.
•The MPFM is unaffected by sand particles clogging up the meter.
•There is little impact on the well monitor with high or varying wax content.
•The well monitor requires no expressive pipe work alterations required for installation. 
•Using alternative brackets the same meter components can be installed and clamped onto flow line pipeline diameters from 3 to 8 inches.

The MPFM is fully compatible with all normal DCS protocol.

The MPFM is a clamp-on system intended for non-intrusive measurement of the multi phase flow lines and oil-flow pipelines. The MPFM provides measurement of oil, produced water and associated gas in the following units:
- Liquid mass of oil and produced water flow, tons/day;
- Gas volumetric flow at line conditions m3/day;
- Water cut, mass fraction of water in the liquid.

The MPFM is used in the following applications:
- Water-driven oilfield production
- Naturally flowing and artificial lift well operation
- When using rotary, screw and sucker-rod pumps
- Where thermal-steam formation treatment is applied 

Principle of operation:
The density and composition of unseparated well fluids are determined from the attenuation of gamma radiation; liquid and gas flow velocities and flow rates are determined from measurements of the fluctuatuions in gamma ray attenuation.

The MPFM secondary equipment is located in a non-hazardous area in a heated control or equipment room.

Random measurement uncertainties at 95 % confidence level are:
- For relative error of liquid mass flow rate +/- 5 %
- For relarive error of gas volumetric flow rate +/- 5 %
- For absolute error of water cut +/- 5 %

Basic operating range:
The system has been installed on heavy oil applications such as CHOP and SAGD.

- Crude oil density 900 – 1,000 kg/m3,
- Formation water density 1,000 – 1,035 kg/m3
- Water cut – 0 to 100 %
- Gas hold up – 10 – 70 %
- Fluid flow rate 10 to 450 tonne/day
- Flow line diameter 75 to 1500 MM up to 9 mm thickness. 

Service conditions of Gamma-ray attenuation transducer
- Ambient temperature range -50 to +50°C
- Relative humidity range at 35% up to 95% 

“User display“ works both in online and offline modes and provides all the services required for MPFM operation.
- Interactive graphical display.
- Indication of measurement results   and diagnostic information in real time.
- Indication of instantaneous density in real time.
- Commissionning and operating functions (calibration etc.)
- Report generating from archive data.
- Exporting archive data.