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Stuffing Box

Stuffing Box
Stuffing Box

DPSB double packed stuffing boxes for sucker rod pump installations are part of the well heads of a pumping well. They are designed to seal off the annular space between the polished rod and the tubing.

Technical features

Max. operating pressure 3000 psi 
Connection sizes 

2 3/8”,2 7/8”,3 1/2”,4”,4 1/2”- EUE (NUE)
2”,2 1/2”,3”,4”-LP
3 1/8” x 3000psi – API 6A  

Polished rod sizes  1”,1 1/8”,1 1/4”,1 5/16”,1 3/8”,1 7/16”,1 1/2”,1 3/4”  
Outside diameter of the sealing packing 2 1/4” 
Height of sealing packing 2 1/2”
Max. operating temperature  121°C(250°F) -CHEVRON NBR packing
163°C(325°F) -CHEVRON HNBR packing
204°C(400°F) -CHEVRON FKM packing
282°C(540°F) -KEVLAR/PTFE packing 

Description and operation
-The stuffing box is composed of an interior body (item 1), in which a lower sealing packing is fixed (item 4), and an exterior body (item 6) that is screwed onto the interior body; the exterior body holds the upper packing
-The lower packing seals off, after tightening the exterior body; to keep the packing in this position, the exterior body is secured by fastening the lock nut (item 3)
-The upper packing seals off after tightening the box nut (item 7)
-To seal off the annular space between polished rod and tubing completely during any change of upper packing, the lower packing has to be tightened