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Plunger Pump
Plunger Pump

Reciprocating Power Pumps are designed with exceptional versatility to efficiently meet the requirements of a wide variety of pumping applications. They are ruggedly designed for minimum maintenance and to meet the heavy duty requirements of continuous duty operation in general industry as well as API 674 services. These units are driven via electric motors or diesel engines, through V-belt or gear reducers. Stuffing boxes are specifically designed for applications to maximize packing life and minimize maintenance. Equipment can be packaged to meet the most stringent requirements of API 674.

- Proven Product Integrity
The reciprocating power pumps encompass proven design history for excellence in reliability. The Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and Quintuplex pumps all have an enviable history of sound engineering, designed to exceed the rigorous requirements of API 674 and customer satisfaction.

- Ease Of Maintenance
The simple modular construction of the reciprocating power pump offers ease of maintenance and reliability. A complete fluid end change-out can be completed in under eight hours. Routine packing, plunger and valve assembly changes are made easily by the user without the need for factory assistance.

Sealing System Developed to control leakage of VOC´s to the atmosphere, the UNI-LOK ZERO provides a simple means of pressurizing the stuffing box to 20 to 40 psi ( 1.4 to 2.8 bar ) above the peak discharge pressure of the pump, thus eliminating any migration of the pumpage past the primary seal of the stuffing box and into the atmosphere.

The Reciprocating Power pumps are designed and approved for the following applications:
- Oil & Gas production
- Refineries
- Seawater reverse Osmosis
- General industry