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Company Profile

Premaberg Industrieanlagen GmbH – a member of the Austrian HEAT Group with headquarters at Biedermannsdorf/Austria – specialises in the supply of high quality equipment according to customer specifications, industrial engineering and custom-made constructions for the oil and gas producing industry.

40 years of experience and the Group´s international expert network have made Premaberg a reliable partner ideally placed to supply solutions tailored to meet market needs.

With the expertise of our engineers and the strong relationships to manufacturers supplying oil and gas field equipment and components, Premaberg provides solutions to enhance production, to reduce costs and to extend substantially the life of wells and maintenance intervals.

We use tried and tested technologies from well-known international suppliers in combination with the latest know-how in industrial engineering and controls & instrument technology to come up with solutions that meet individual requirements of our customers.

Our range of products covers artificial lift products as well as surface safety components, controls & instruments, spare parts and special
equipment engineered according to customer needs. By constantly expanding our knowledge and applying latest technologies we offer reliability
and competence.

We continuously strive to develop and expand our range of products & services and carry out stringent a quality assurance program based on EN
ISO 9001 to be able to provide the best service to our customers and to ensure that we have a technological and commercial edge over our